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Dear Exhibitors,

N.C.C. Exnibition Organizer Co., Ltd. have specially prepared this information & Order Manual to assist exhibitors in their participating in THAILAND TRAVEL & DIVE EXPO. Exhibitors are requested to read the manual carefully and thoroughly in order to be familier with the preparations and procedures for the event. To facilitate your participation and to ensure smooth operations, exhibitors must adhere strictly to the deadlines stipulated in the order forms. 

To download the entire Exhibitor Manual, please click here or click on the respective forms
in order to download as list below : 

General Information and Rules
Form No. 1
Exhibitor Admission Passes
Form No. 2
Lettering / Logo
Form No. 3
Unofficial Stand Contractor
Form No. 4
Electrical Service
Form No. 5
Furniture and accessories
Form No. 6
Audio Visual Equipment
Form No. 7
Form No. 8
Water Supply and Drainage
Form No. 9
Telephone Facsimile Service
Form No. 10
Cleaning Service
Form No. 11
Security & CCTV Service
Form No. 12
Plant & Floral Service
Form No. 13
WiFi (Wireless Fedelity) Internet
Form No. 14
High Speed Internet Service ADSL

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